How to Recruit (and keep!) Millennials


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Millennials are taking over. Sooner than later the generation of 50 to 60 year-olds will be retiring, and the youngsters, if they haven’t already, will start flooding your interview rooms. As a millennial myself, I can attest what we want from a job differs a bit from what employees of other generations want, and after surveying other millennials, I’ve come up with a list to help you get around our people a little easier. We prepared a list on how to recruit (and Keep!) your Millennials Here’s the top 5 on the list:


  • Holistic growth


The most common desire among us millennials when we look for a job is that we want to grow in more than just the department we were hired in.

A common trait in millennials is flexibility or adaptability; we want to do as much as we can and any company that allows us to grow in a lot of aspects is a definite option.



  • Freedom to contribute


Millennials, hand in hand with holistic growth, also want to be able to contribute what we can bring to the table.

As we grow into within the company, naturally we come up with our own ideas, solutions, and opinions, and a workplace that allows us to share these will surely attract us.



  • An Advocacy


Something that has been consistent in a lot of millennials is the desire to do things for the better. It’s a big plus point if the company is running of a cause or advocacy, built on the purpose of making life easier for any kind of species— animals, humans, plants, whichever.



  • Concern for employees


In line with having an advocacy, millennials also appreciate it when a company genuinely cares for its employees and if it doesn’t see them as mere working machines. 

2After all, a workplace where everyone can grow and learn from each other is always an enjoyable workplace to be in.


  • People before Profit


Last but not the least, millennials don’t care much for income anymore as much as the advocacy  that was mentioned before; this is something worth keeping in mind when you’re thinking of ways to reel in those youngsters. It’s just not a priority anymore because millennials prioritize looking for companies that are in line with their values and advocacies.


We hope these tips helps you get those millennials, recruiters! Good luck!

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