6 Steps to Get Hired Through Facebook


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With countless job fairs every month, millions of job openings in the Philippines, and still millions of Filipinos unemployed, there seems to be a gap that needs to be bridged.
Nowadays, almost every Filipino has a mobile phone and has a Facebook account. What if you can apply through your Facebook?
ServeHappy Jobs is the First Social Recruiting Platform in the Philippines. In just a few clicks, you can apply for a job!

Step 1: Like the ServeHappy Jobs Facebook Page
Like the ServeHappy Jobs page and be updated on the latest job openings in the Philippines.
ServeHappy Jobs is revolutionizing recruitment by using social media, specifically Facebook, as the new channel to apply for jobs. Now Facebook does not only connect you to your family but also to your next career.

Step 2: Sign Up
Click the “Sign Up” button. Then click the “Sign Up with Facebook” button. For browser, it is on the right side of your screen. For mobile, it is right below the ServeHappy Jobs logo.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile
Click the “Edit Profile” button to fill out your biodata and to upload your resume and photo.
The first thing employers look at is your profile so make sure you completely fill it out and upload an updated resume and recent photo.
Resume: Put your Educational Background and degree or certificate you finished. This will be the employer’s basis if you’re qualified for the job you’re applying for.
Don’t be shy to put your experience in your organizations back in college, like positions and projects you’ve handled and workshops you’ve attended. Most of the time, employers weigh this more than your academic standing. Your co-curricular activities reflect your well-roundedness and your ability to handle things.
Photo: Although studio-captured photo is encouraged, you can also upload a photo of your choice. Just make sure the photo you upload is in high quality, has good lighting, and still looks professional.
Double check: Most importantly, there might be some minor details that you missed so don’t forget to double check everything!

Step 4: Search Jobs
There are hundreds of job opportunities waiting for you in ServeHappy. Just type what company or position you’re looking for in the search tab. Once you’ve chosen a job and the qualifications suit you, click apply.

Step 5: Apply! Apply! Apply!
Apply for any job you want. Don’t let your degree box you in. Apply for more than one job for more career opportunities.

Step 6: Prepare for Interview to Get HIRED
Is it your first time to have a job interview or do you think you still need help with interviews? Read more about acing job interviews here.
Remember, only accept interview invitations if you’re going to show up. This is to respect other people’s time and not ruin your credibility.

There are hundreds of job opportunities in ServeHappy Jobs, so what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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