Restaurant Culture – the key to restaurant success in the Philippines


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As with anywhere, having a good culture is one of the most important parts of making a business successful.

So, what’s the first thing that a restaurateur must consider to dine their way into having a great restaurant culture?

And the answer is…by prepping for strong hires!

The restaurant experience along with the service you provide are both results of the people you hire and are both are of the same importance as the food you serve. And in the case of restaurants, one bad apple can most certainly spoil everything.

This is what recruiters in the restaurant scene must keep in mind as they should focus on hiring people based on their workplace attitude along with their work ethic and the candidate’s technical skills should only come second in consideration.
Prospective hires with a great attitude and incredible work ethic will make a good employee in the long run even if they don’t have the exact technical skills that you are looking for. It is always easier to teach or to learn technical skills than to acquire a good work ethic.

Recruiters also should have a determined set of core values as a way to identify applicants who are suitable for the culture they want to establish. They should start by determining what skills and traits are essential and slowly work their way up to the specifics to determine if the candidate is a good catch for the business.

One example of a great culture is Starbucks who fosters a “culture of warmth and belonging” with their employees which have generated numerous awards for the company as well as brand recognition that resulted in it being one of the most recognized brands in the world today.

Finally, when you hire with the restaurant’s culture and job fit in mind, it becomes harder for people to walk away from your brand which leads to consistency in your staffing that becomes a path to continued success as employees are motivated, engaged and are always willing to #Servehappy.


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