#WISH: Why I ServeHappy? Story of John Glen Camaya (Barista)


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Part of what makes coming to a restaurant a great experience is a hardworking staff behind the scenes. This is where John Glen Camaya shines.

Though only a high school graduate, he has been a part of the food and beverage industry since 2009, Mr. Camaya has served restaurants and several fast food joints as an employee being both as a crew, as a service staff, and as a bartender.

Teamwork is also an important part of Glen’s service as according to him, it improves the quality of service in a restaurant and that trait is what sets a normal restaurant from a special one. He sees to it that he gives what respect his co-workers give him to try and strengthen their bonds to improve their productivity as a unit and that he enjoys working in fast-paced environments.

He also says that when customers complain about the service or the food, it is up to them, as the staff to be patient as well as not to point fingers and they must claim responsibility for the mistake and give understanding towards the customers as they are supposed to be treated with importance.

When asked what his references from his resume would tell possible recruiters if they are called upon to inquire about his character, he assured that these references would vouch for how hard he works as well as how devoted he is into giving 100% of his talents to his job.

 The Angeles City, Pampanga native also said that he #ServeHappy because he enjoys serving in the restaurant industry as it gives him the most satisfaction when his customers generate a smile when provided excellent service as he says that keeping the customer happy also makes him happy.

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