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Job interviews are the most crucial part in applying for a job. It can either make you or break you, because your future career depends on how well you communicate with your interviewer.

Employers have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) they use during interviews and these questions are guaranteed to screen the applicant they need.

The key to acing these questions is to familiarize yourself with the questions and have your answers prepared. Do not memorize your answers, the last thing you want is to sound scripted and insincere. Ask someone to help you practice answering these questions. Practice beforehand so you know which of your answers need improvement and how to relay your message better.
Listed below are seven FAQs and tips on how to answer them.

1. Tell Me About Yourself
This question is usually this first question interviewers ask you. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself. Tell them what you’re passionate about and highlight strengths, career, and student life.
In 30-45 seconds, you must be able to highlight your strengths and your career or student life. Be careful not to stray from the job you’re applying for, not all of your experience matches the qualifications they’re looking for.

2. What is your greatest weakness?
Be careful of humble brags. Recruiters know when you’re downplaying a strength to a weakness.
Key: Be sincere in answering this question. Admit what you really need to improve on but follow it up with what you’re doing to get over it.
Question variation: What is your greatest strength?
Discuss your qualities they’re looking for. Set yourself apart from other applicants.

3. As a fresh grad, what can you offer?
Don’t let this question intimidate you. No experience in the professional world does not mean you have nothing to offer.
Key: Highlight your college experience. Did you handle any project or position back in college? Tell them! Make sure to give specific and concrete results. Give them numbers they can understand like pesos earned, people gathered, etc.

4. Why did you quit your previous job?
Question variation: Why are you looking for another job?

This question is meant for the interviewer to know what you’re like as an employee before hiring you.
Key: You have to be honest and sincere with your interviewer. It’s okay to jump from one company to another if you’re after career growth. However, you must keep it clean when sharing information about your previous employer. Speaking ill about your previous employer would say more about your character than theirs.

5. How do you handle stress and pressure?
Key: You have to share your personal experience in answering this question. Give an example of how you were able to handle the pressure and meet the deadline.

6. How long do you intend to stay?
Question variation: What would make you quit your job?
Key: Be honest and say it straight. If you have plans to enter law school or graduate school after two years, tell them. Keep it short, direct, and thorough.

7. Do you have questions for me?
Key: No questions = not interested. Never say no when you’re asked this question. Employers say that the more relevant questions you ask, the more interested you are.

This is your chance to know about the company culture, their expectations from you, how the position became open, etc.
Takeaway, be honest and sincere in your job interview. You want to show them that not only are you qualified but you’re also a person with good character.

Lastly, don’t let their questions take you off guard. Walk in and out of your interview with confidence.

You got this!

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