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Job interviews can be stressful especially if you did not prepare properly. They can either make you or break you. You have to send your message: you are who they are looking for.

The key to a successful job interview is to leave a good and lasting first impression. This means you must communicate to the interviewer properly–arrive early, dress appropriately, and answer their questions precisely.

Before any interview takes place, interviewers will scan the resume you sent. Without any face-to-face explanation, your resume must highlight your work experience and your expertise. They must also see that your skills match their qualifications.

Here are 5 interview tips to help you prepare completely.

1. Do Your Research
It is not enough to know the company’s products and services. It’s like saying you know Facebook just because you have an account. Go to their website and read the “About Us” section. Know and take note of their vision, culture, management style, and scope of operations. Read online reviews and articles about their successes, challenges, and market performance in the past five years. Know their competitors and their unique selling point.
After all these research, find a way to link them back to you. Based on all these facts, how can contribute to the growth and success of the company? Don’t forget to highlight your experience and your skills in relation to the company.

2. Review the FAQs and Practice
In any job interview, frequently asked questions (FAQs) are so common, interviewers expect you to answer them without faltering. It will be inefficient to memorize them so instead, review the questions and have someone help you practice the. (Read more about FAQs and Answers here.) Practice with someone so you know what words to say and what answers you need to improve on.

3. Dress to Impress
“First impression lasts”, and for a job interview, you better make a good one. Before you introduce yourself to the interviewer, you’ve already made a first impression based on what you’re wearing.
It is best to look sharp for an interview. For management positions, it is best to wear white, black or navy blue. For artistic jobs, pastel colors convey creativity.
When in doubt, you can always go conservative. Stick to classics like long sleeves and slacks for men and dresses or pencil skirt for women.
Try not to smoke or eat before an interview. Jewelries and accessories must also be to a minimum and your hair must be neat and clean.

4. Arrive On Time (Meaning Early)
Arriving on time means arriving early. You should be on the venue 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview. When you get there, go to the comfort room and check if your hair and clothes are in place.
To avoid being late, you should prepare everything you need the night before. Your clothes must be planned and your extra resumes must be printed. Always anticipate the worst traffic because no excuse will be acceptable to tardiness in an interview.

5. Ask and Talk Back
A job interview is not only for the recruiter to see if you’re who they’re looking for but also for you to find out if you are fit for the job. This is your only chance to know about your future job before you say yes so make the most out of it: ask questions!
You can ask your interviewer about the work culture, and their expectations from you. You can turn the tables around by asking the interviewer their experience in the company. You might get indirect answers but you can get clues from there.

After the interview, don’t forget to thank them for their time. Ask what happens after the interview: ask when you can hear from them and how you’ll be notified if you got the job. If you haven’t heard from them after some time, you can send a follow-up email but some employers think that it is understood that silence means no get the hint,

At the end of the day, a rejection is not the end of the world. The worst thing you can do is give up.

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