Five mistakes job hunters often make


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1. Failure to establish their brand

Job seekers nowadays often do not care about their brand as employees. And that neglect often times is their biggest mistake when searching for opportunities in the market. Aspirants who have established themselves are much more desirable to employers. Personal brand building requires applicants to define their own personal aspirations, their best attributes, as well as having an established game plan on how they plan to achieve these aspirations.

2. Failure to make use of their networks

With technology slowly taking over our lives, job hunters make time to work around their laptops, surfing the net for job offers they see fit for them. However, they often forget about the networks they’ve established. Most job seekers are too isolated for their own good. They sit at their computer typing away, but searching for a job will always require human contact. Applicants should go out and touch bases with these people who may be crucial in job hunting.

3. Failure to research on possible employers

Having proper knowledge of your possible future employer plays an important role in being hired. Sitting down with an interviewer who ends up knowing more about you than you do about their company always sends the wrong signals. Before any interview, learn as much as you can about the company you’re hoping to work for. Go to their website, learn as much as you can with respect to their services and their company mission, among others.

4. Failure to update resumes

Applicants tend to hand out resumes like they were flyers. This is a grave mistake as there are differences in the jobs they are applying for. Job seekers should highlight projects and responsibilities which match those of the job they’re applying for. Updating your resume is a great way to show the relevance of your background to each specific job you hope to get into.

5. Failure to believe in themselves

In the rush to find a job, oftentimes job seekers put little value on their self worth and end up accepting jobs way below their value. There will always be more candidates than there are positions so Job seekers must stand and be proud of themselves before showing up to an interview. Not doing so can greatly affects the responses they give once they’re called in for the talk. Keep in mind that the right job is out there just for them. If they stand proud and believe in themselves then they’ll surely #Servehappy once that job comes knocking at their door.

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