Becoming a Great Employee: No such thing as “ME” in a restaurant


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As the old saying goes, “no man is an island”.  This most definitely applies to the world of restaurants.

Everyone is on the go inside a restaurant. The kitchen staff, the chefs, the waiters, among others are some of groups that make the gears of the business churn. These groups are important so as to be able to  divide the work that needs to be done and to increase productivity.

These groups are expected to display a great amount of teamwork as this is essential in the nature of the industry.   When considering to work in a restaurant operation, one must be flexible. Aside from the perfect knowledge of one’s duties, one has to be able to cover for a co worker in another area when it is  necessary so as not to hamper the flow of operations according to expectations. This is possible only in a well-organized team.

To achieve this level of teamwork, here are some concepts to keep in mind when working:

Do not discuss the mistakes of others

Employees must never discuss the mistakes of others. It is never good when the mistakes of colleagues get thrown into the spotlight. Therefore, one must stay away from those who needlessly interpret or judge other people’s actions. Such persons are most often not seen, but are most certainly felt and as a result, they bring down the morale of everyone that affect the business as a whole.

Must respect every team member, and treat everyone with respect 

From as low in the ladder as the dishwasher to the owner, everyone in the establishment is important. You need to know that no matter what position,  there should be no problem with doing a task, no matter how lowly, if it is to make a guest delighted. Your philosophy should be that he/she wouldn’t ask someone to do something that he/she won’t do themselves.

When describing successes, one must use “WE,” and for failures “ME.”

This is the most important one –  because as a restaurant staff one must be able to to take responsibility for every specific action. One must be able to give credit for good things done to the team as well as also be accountable for mistakes that one has committed and not just blame others.

All in all, every restaurant personnel is important.  It is how one accepts his responsibilities and how well he works with the  team that determines the success of the business. Having a positive and happy attitude in the workplace naturally brings delight to everyone one serves, most specially the guests.  #Servehappy.


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