How a warm greeting sets a restaurant apart


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One of the most important commandments of being a restaurant staff is to never let anyone enter the restaurant without a warm greeting. A restaurant’s service quality is one of the main reasons customers choose to dine at one restaurant over another.

The goal of restaurant employees is to enhance the dining experience for customers. Therefore, when a customer is welcomed into the restaurant with warm greetings, the impact of the gesture on the customer’s first impression will be positive for the business.

This is the reason why everyone who works, or would like to work in the industry would need to have excellent communication skills to be able to know the specific needs of the customer while maintaining a polite and accommodating tone.

Having control over your temper is also another trait that is crucial in this line of work as there are customers who prove to be difficult to serve. As a restaurant staff, it is important that you do not show frustration towards these customers. Your mission is to serve them so you should be patient.

When disagreements between a staff and a customer arise, the staff at fault should first attempt to resolve the customer on his own by apologizing whatever he did to make the customer mad. The key to customer satisfaction is to not offer excuses for making a poor impression, but to immediately address the customer and offer to remedy the situation.

Additionally, warm greetings as well as the service that you have provided the customers throughout their stay at your restaurant must be up until the end and does not stop after the bill is presented or paid. How employees approach customers who are on their way out is also a factor that determines if they come back to your restaurant or not. Thanking them and showing them smiles as they make their way out is proof that the staff has been able to #Servehappy that gives customers something to come back to in your restaurant.

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