7 Ugly Truths behind Home-based Jobs


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Picture this: Your cubicle is your bed or couch, stairs and hallways are basically your commute plus the entire kitchen is your pantry. Sold? Think again. There are always two sides to every coin.

So before you join the bandwagon or dip your toes into the digital trend, hear me out and hang tight because in less than a thousand words, I will give you the ugly truth.

Goodbye Long Commutes

Metro Manila, infamous for having the “worst traffic on Earth” is at the top of the list for having the longest commute averaging 45 minutes tops. As much as I dislike climbing them, going up a flight of stairs to my room or downstairs is more appealing than the city’s hustle and bustle. Sayonara smoke, stinky people, traffic and queue lines!

Out of the loop

Some people can work better alone. No telephones ringing while you type your report. No colleague dropping by every now & then to chat or to borrow stuff. Just you and your work. BUT, you miss out on collaborating with a dynamic team, getting new insights that aren’t from Google and what’s worst; you might get overlooked for promotion.

Distractions? Destruction?

You might’ve escaped that annoying colleague or the incessant chatter in the office but family and errands could mean as distractions as well. Special efforts must be done and you should let everyone know that you shouldn’t be disturbed within work hours despite being at home.

Blurred lines

Not having to clock out or sign out of the office can make blur the lines between work and home. You feel time is wasted so you work every available time you have so you could earn more. Do be careful, it might lead to burnout and eventually backfiring your productivity.

Knowledge is Power! 

Cloud technology will be your best friend when you choose to work from home. Since you won’t be going to the office, you will need to be good with computers & become capable with using different kinds of software. Between you and me, the more tools or programs you know, the more marketable you’ll be if ever you choose to freelance or get back into the corporate world.

Oh so tempting!

From the words of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes with great responsibility.” No truer words are spoken but with bed a few steps away and now supervisor watching, how can you be motivated. Working from home requires a serious amount of discipline. Don’t take it so lightly!

Home sweet home

Being family-oriented runs through the veins of every Filipino which is why a lot of parents are in favor of working from home. A lot of hands-on Filipino moms are now ESL tutors. They like the opportunity of earning an income and the flexibility of being a hands-on parent. Also, there’s just something comforting about being surrounded by family. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now that I’ve laid out the truth, the rest is up to you my friend. Working from home affords you flexibility but it also demands a lot in return. With the right mindset and discipline, you can get the perfect formula for having the work life balance you oh so dreamed of!

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