Goodbye, Boring 9-5. Hello, Fun and Flexible Work Culture!


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Job seekers are attracted by a workplace that is fun, where importance is given to personal values and professional growth, and which offers meaningful compensation. Hence, company culture, or the personality of a company, has become a critical consideration as far as one’s company of choice for employment is concerned.

While company names/brands create a “wow” factor for job applicants, the attraction and commitment of a job seeker to a company is created and solidified by one’s impression of the company’s culture. Millennial workers, or those born between 1981 to 1996, typically prefer jobs that promote work-life balance and respects their personal space.

Certain companies have implemented individualized work schedules where employees have flexible time in and out. This allows more personal time for their passion for as long as they meet the required number of working hours in a day. Due to EDSA’s slow-moving traffic and the unreliability of our transport system, many job seekers find this working arrangement favorable to their respective lifestyles.

Work from home arrangements have also piqued the interest of many job seekers. With rates ranging from about USD 10-50 per hour, work-from-home opportunities such as those provided by Acadsoc Online English Tutor Club, also provide flexibility and unburden workers from the other tedious components of physically reporting to office (i.e. dress codes, transportation costs, looking for inexpensive lunch deals). 6,000 Online English Tutor positions are open for Filipinos this 2019 and people are grabbing these opportunities like hot cakes. (APPLY HERE NOW).

Interest in companies that implement a four-day work week has also gone up, especially that the workforce today prefers to have more “me” and “quality family” time. Studies also show that having an extra day off from work per week produces benefits such as increased productivity, reduced stress and having more engaged and happier employees.

Overall, having a favorable company culture attracts more employees and creates increased employee engagement. With an employee-centered company culture, the development of the organization is not far-fetched with a motivated, productive and happy workforce.

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