The Pains and Heartaches of the Recruitment Process


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Sourcing and recruitment of qualified and competent candidates continues to be one of the major challenges for today’s Human Resource (HR) Practitioners. The hands of HR units are typically tied to the company’s budget limitations when finding the most suitable candidate that fits the company’s expected quality of excellence.

These are the pains and heartaches of recruitment. HR Practitioners are not only burdened with the task of finding and hiring suitable candidates. They also assume the role of chief negotiator of the company with the task of convincing the candidate to accept the company’s offer of employment.

There are a number of situations that typically capture these so-called “pains and heartaches” in the recruitment process:

1No Shows During Interviews

There is an apparent entitlement stigma among applicants that they are free to miss out on their scheduled interviews. These typically happen as there is no general blacklisting for candidates who fail to show up during interviews. HR units exhaust all possible efforts and devote their valuable time for these interviews, only to be ignored and/or disregarded by applicants who have utter disregard for professionalism.

2. Candidate is found unsuitable by the Hiring Unit

There are instances where applicant and the HR unit come full circle in the entire selection process, only to find out that the Hiring Manager/Unit does not find the candidate’s qualifications and experiences to be suitable for their requirements.

This apparent mismatch stems from miscommunication between the Hiring Unit and the HR Department. Often, the job posting does not conform to the actual need of the Hiring Unit since the specific skills and expertise required for the position is not aptly communicated.

Miscommunication, hence, leads to time wastage on the part of the HR Unit and the applicant.

3. Job Offer used only as leverage

As they say, only take one’s commitment if he/she has signed on the dotted line. Many HR units have been promised by hired applicants on a verbal notice, only for them to rescind on their commitment to sign their contracts at the last minute.

Least the HR Unit knows, the hired candidate is merely using the company’s job offer as a bargaining tool to negotiate either with his/her current employer or to his/her desired company.

This rude and uncalled for behavior of hired applicants totally neglects the HR Units’ efforts to provide them with a meaningful and respectable job offer.

Recruitment is a painstaking process of finding qualified and committed candidates for select positions. HR Units are levied with the unenviable task of filling-up all required positions in the organization through a tedious process of candidate selection and hiring.

Considering the difficulties in recruitment, we call on all job seekers out there to be respectful and professional in dealing with HR practitioners. Looking for a job, just like sourcing and recruiting of candidates, is a difficult process. As a rule of thumb, “always put yourselves in the shoes of others.”

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