Loving the Boss: A life changer or a career suicide?


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How many of you were inspired by the love story of Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) and Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) in the movies ‘A Very Special Love’, ‘You Changed My Life’ and ‘It Takes a Man and a Woman’? I’m sure many of you found it interesting, funny and cute.

While these movies raked in millions of cash, it was also surprising to note that some found Miggy and Laida’s love story to be relatable to their own stories of romance in the office place.

Office Romance has become common today than it was about ten years ago. Based on a survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com in 2009, about 76% of employed adults think that office romances today are more common than they were ten years ago.

Office Romance typically happens between colleagues and with employees within the same age bracket. However, there are cases when a subordinate falls in love with his/her boss. There are moral and ethical questions that go along with a boss-subordinate relationship. Hence, should today’s employees entertain the idea of entering into a commitment with their bosses?

Firstly, a boss-subordinate relationship will not go unnoticed. Some employees are good at picking up subtle cues that something is going on between a boss and a subordinate. These include instances wherein a boss gives his/her subordinate special favor through a pay increase or added incentive. There are also situations when a boss denies his/her subordinate opportunities to avoid allegations of favoritism, although he/she is deserving. These actions will hardly go unobserved by malicious minds. Typically, observed instances of a boss-subordinate relationship will also have an impact on office dynamics and relationships.

Second, a break-up may be inevitable in most cases, hence this usually affects the morale and future of the subordinate. In cases of break-up, the subordinate is forced to resign or leave the company as he/she no longer finds it comfortable to work with his/her boss and ex-lover. Bosses usually get away from the situation unscathed as they are perceived to be profit-generators of the company, thus rendering them indispensable and often untouchable.

In reality, it is really difficult to restrain yourself from loving someone, more so a boss who may possess desirable features and traits.

However, there is a question that begs an answer from a subordinate who may be in love with his/her boss. “Are you ready to win or lose everything by loving your boss?”

If not, I advise you not to “shit where you eat.”

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