Women over men in the modern working environment?


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“Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.”- Charlotte Whitton, Canadian feminist

Generally, a lot of working Filipinas are driven to work harder than men as they impose higher standards on themselves, believing that they must do and perform more than their male counterparts to rise in the career ladder.

Today, most working Filipinas no longer lack confidence, negotiate poorly or are considered to be too risk averse. They have become more vocal, cooperative and innovative, which makes them significant assets to a business’s success. With these in mind, have working Filipinas become more reliable and organized than their male counterparts?

A lot of working Filipinas have a chip on their shoulder, particularly single moms. Aside from work, they have household and child rearing responsibilities to take care of. While many may claim that their conditions would easily lead to overfatigue, the determination of working Filipinas to provide financial support to their children and families has propelled them into becoming the country’s best doctors, lawyers and marketing professionals, among many. Their stories continue to be a showcase in many news and public affairs programs shown nationwide.

There are studies, however, which show that men can still be more relied upon than women in terms of certain occupations. Some local studies reveal that working Filipinos are slightly more productive than women in terms of blue-collar manufacturing occupations. This probably explains why they still get a chunk of blue-collared jobs than women. While this may be perceived as a general bias against women, the discretion to hire and promote men over women in this industry is not without reason.

At the end of the day, businesses should remain committed to upholding gender parity in their practice. While there are laws against gender discrimination and unfair labor practices, businesses should develop a multi-dimensional view of gender equality to ensure their employees/workers are sufficiently healthy to perform based on standards they require.

Be that as it may, working Filipinas have become globally competitive in their chosen fields and professions. We salute all working Filipinas in this March-long celebration of National Women’s Month.

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