Are customers always right?


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Every establishment in the Philippines is aware of the saying that “the customer is always right.” This belief is typically used by most businesses to convince potential customers that their product/service is of excellent quality.

But is this always the case? There is no definitive answer for this. It helps though that we are aware that different types of customers exist with diverse backgrounds.

If they belong to any of the types of customers below, they just might be wrong.

Abusive Customers. Some customers tend to abuse benefits as long as they can get away with it.

For example, restaurants offer party packages as discounts to entice people to avail of their services. In some cases, there are some customers who want to apply their Senior Citizen Discount privileges on a promo rate. The Senior Citizens Law states that “when seniors purchase something on a promo, they can get only either of the two discounts whichever is higher.” Some would go at great lengths to argue without understanding the limited privileges offered by a government benefit such as the Senior Citizen discount. It pays to know one’s rights first before asserting it.

Agitated and unreasonable customers. There are customers who typically have a knack for instant solutions. In reality, there are no instant solutions to everything. There are protocols, processes and timelines to be followed for certain requests.

Call center employees are pretty much aware of these types of customers as they get more or less 100 calls in a day. For credit card accounts, some customer cardholders demand an immediate reversal of unauthorized charges. While it is understandable that they are irate, these issues are subject to verification and investigation. A card company is going to go bankrupt if it were to process all requests for instant reversal of all charges based on claimed unauthorized purchases.

Bully customers. These are customers who use force, threats and connections to get what they want. They are typically arrogant, rude and verbally abusive.

You can ask bar bouncers or security guards and they most likely have experiences coming across these types of customers. There are bars that prohibit the entry of sharp objects. Some customers call up or namedrop connections to get away with this rule. Some get away with it while some end up fighting these guards/bouncers who are only doing their job.

If you are a service company or establishment, it really doesn’t matter if the customers are right or wrong. You are expected to extend courtesy and maintain professionalism in all of your dealings.

Customers may be right or wrong but service providers/establishments must do right every time and all the time.

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