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“First impressions last.”

In one or way or another, you might have come across this popular quotation. However, when does this belief specifically apply in your daily life?

In the unending pursuit for a better quality of life, you will continue to seek “greener pastures” by looking for better job opportunities. Hence, interface with human resource and hiring personnel are unavoidable.

To wing your dream or desired job, you have to create an instant positive impression. Sporting the proper look and attire gives you the credibility to speak on how you can best contribute to the company you are applying for. Most importantly, the initial impression you create on your potential employer will set the mood for the interview.

Below are some suggestions on what and what not to wear during a job interview:

1. Do not dress up like you’re going to a JS Prom or party. Dress up in a manner that is appropriate to the occasion and position you are applying for.


     For Guys: If you are applying for a managerial position, wear a suit and tie. If you’re applying for a junior or entry level, it is advised for one to wear long sleeves with tie.

     For Girls: If you are applying for a managerial position, wear an appropriate dress with coat. If you’re applying for a junior or entry level, wear a simple dress. 


Most importantly, your clothing should be neat, clean and pressed. Be an ironman or ironwoman when the helper is not around.


2Wearing of lavish jewelry and accessories is discouraged. Simplicity can also send a striking and resounding message to an interviewer. You are applying for work, not to showcase your social status.


3. Avoid revealing clothes. The company will not hire you if you have abs or a curvaceous body. They will hire you because of your skills, talent and attitude.


4. Avoid bright and flashy colored suits. It will create an unnecessary distraction.


5. Wear something you are comfortable with and fits you well to allow you to look and act at your best.

Dressing up properly and appropriately for a job interview provides your potential employer with a sneak peek on your professional behavior in an office setting. Dressing up is also a form of expression, which helps you become more credible when you discuss company growth and your range of skills and expertise.

You want to be in the position to highlight your qualifications and credentials. To be in that position, you have to create a good impression with your attire. Otherwise, your words may go in vain with a poor look and get-up.

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