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Standards exist in any setting, may it be in the world of entertainment, romance or even in the corporate world.

In game shows or contests, hosts typically read out the “criteria for judging” in the selection of a winner. In selecting a partner, most of us typically have standards that we desire from the opposite or preferred gender. In the corporate world, employers also look for specific attributes or characteristics from an applicant during the candidate selection process.

Employers, just like all of us, look for something special, unique and different when it comes to their people. While positions, titles and levels may vary, there are universal features that employers look for in an applicant, which include:

Flexibility/Adaptability to any environment

Most employers would prefer people who can easily adjust to any setting and blend with their existing workforce. While there is a fixed job description for each position, an employer would love to have someone on-board who can go the extra mile by offering help to his/her colleagues and volunteering innovative ideas for the betterment of the company.

Ability to work independently

Most employers would also appreciate individuals who have a short learning curve and can work on the fly with minimal supervision. An applicant who probes intelligently and demonstrates a great awareness in the company he/she is applying for is more likely to possess this ability.

High emotional quotient

Stress can bring out the best and worst in people. Most employers would favor applicants who can display the ability to think of solutions, instead of looking for someone or something to blame for a failed or bungled task. Most often, applicants who show poise in the midst of difficult questions will most likely possess high character, which is a desirable trait for any employer.

Applicants are unique and different in one way or another. However, what sets a great applicant apart from the others is their ability to present their thoughts clearly and act professionally during their first interface with a potential employer.

First impressions may last but effective communication of one’s abilities and expression of professionalism will convince an employer to give an applicant his/her dream job.

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