Just Do It! 10 tips for first-time job seekers


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The graduation honeymoon is about to end and the reality of job hunting is about to kick in for college/university graduates.

It’s time to get up from the long hours of sleep and sharpen up from the long days of vacation in preparation for the commencement of a professional career.

Here are ten ways to increase one’s chances to land that coveted first job:

1 . Prepare a visually appealing and substantive Resume

A resume need not be that long for it to be enticing. However, it must be substantive to highlight one’s special skills and abilities. One must also make sure that the document is free from grammatical errors.


2. Seek counsel from parents or siblings

The wisdom of the elderly will always help in any situation. The experience of family members provides one with a critical insight on how to overcome job search jitters.


3. Anticipate possible questions

Try to simulate potential questions which may be asked about one’s study habits and attitude in school. Canned answers may be helpful but other employers may also be looking for something different from a candidate. 


4. Dress-up to demonstrate professionalism

It’s time to shop for a professional attire that suits the job one wants to apply for. The attire should also suit one’s personality and physique.



5. Eat before going to an interview

A hungry stomach knows no waiting. A scheduled interview typically takes a while to start; hence feeding one’s tummy is equally important as preparing for the tough questions.



6. Familiarize oneself with routes going to the interview venue

Being late in an interview will be a telling blow to one’s application. There are tools and applications available to provide directions going to the interview place. Use it.



7. Come in advance of the interview schedule

Aside from familiarity with the interview venue, one has to account for traffic and security considerations. Allotting extra travel duration to account for these factors would ensure that one has ample time to gather and prepare for the actual interview.



8. Be confident

Practicing one’s spiels will be helpful only as a guide during the actual interview. However, one’s ability to provide honest, genuine and trained answers will be more critical. 



9. Prepare by reading relevant literature

Since a job requires a certain level of expertise, it would be helpful if one can recall critical job-related concepts in school to demonstrate job knowledge.



10. Keep a positive vibe

Don’t think about competition or possible rejection when applying for a job. Positive energy can do a whole lot for one’s employability. Positive energy towards an application may just be the clincher towards one’s desired first job.


There are no guarantees when it comes to job application. While preparation helps increase one’s chances to be employed, character is of equal significance in dealing with positive or negative news on a job application.


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