Getting there, not nowhere: 5 Tips to easily locate your interview venue


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The first step towards finding the right job is finding the right venue at just the right time. There are often no second chances or opportunities given by employers to applicants who either fail to show up on time or at all during one’s scheduled interview. Therefore, finding ways to reach the interview venue on time is just as important as the preparation undertaken to anticipate difficult questions which may be posed by an interviewer. 

Way finding remains a serious concern for many first-time applicants. While there is available technology (i.e. Waze, google maps) as a guide, one cannot become overly dependent on these applications.

Here are five (5) suggestions to help one find his/her interview venue:

1. Probe on landmarks and request for a map of the interview location

Recruiters ought to provide landmarks and a sketch map of the interview location, particularly it is not along a known road or highway. In the absence of these information, applicants should be pro-active in asking popular or recognizable landmarks and a sketch map of the interview place.

2. Scout for family members or friends who may have worked or been in the interview location

It does not harm for one to ask family members or friends on how to commute/travel from one’s home to the interview venue. A family member/friend may have a regular or similar experience with which they can draw from in order to provide a sensible route suggestion.

3. Use wayfinding applications wisely

There are applications such as Waze and Google Maps to help one get to a place of destination via different modes (i.e. walking, driving). It will be wise for one to consult with at least two applications to verify if there is any difference. If one differs from the other, take the conservative time estimate (longer time to arrive in the interview venue).

4. Identify barangay/police outposts nearby

In case one gets lost on his/her way to the interview venue, finding a nearby barangay hall or police outpost will help one get good recommendations on how to reach the interview venue. However, it is important for one to have knowledge of nearby landmarks so that the assisting officer can properly advise on the route.

5. Locate public transport terminals

Drivers will be most equipped to answer one’s queries on specific locations/buildings within an area. It will be pragmatic for one to spot nearby potential terminals going to the interview venue. Drivers and barkers will be more than willing to help one find his/her way to an interview venue, especially if it involves a potential passenger.

Due diligence must be exercised by an applicant not only in anticipating the difficult questions but also in making sure that he/she finds and arrives at the interview venue on time. 

Wayfinding also tests one’s patience, communication skills and aptitude. If one cannot understand simple instructions or directions, how can one even be trusted to handle bigger and more complex responsibilities?

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