The challenge of being a modern-day recruiter


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While many of us are busy seeking job opportunities, there are also an equal number of recruiters looking for talent to fill up important vacancies in their respective companies.

Recruiting is not as easy as picking fruit(s) from a tree. While there a number of available able working bodies in the market, sourcing, recruiting and hiring suitable talent is a daunting challenge for a recruiter.

Here are some major concerns a recruiter faces in his/her daily work:

1. Sourcing for specialized positions

There will always be difficulty in filling up specialized positions (i.e. engineering, science-related) as there is dearth of talent in these fields. Potential candidates, knowing that they are scarce in the market, raise unreasonable demands from recruiters and are often hard to court for an interview schedule. This situation often puts recruiters in a tough and compromising spot, especially when they are trying to beat deadlines in filling up these specialized positions.

2. Coordination with Hiring Managers

Most often than not, Hiring Managers provide very generic job position descriptions and qualifications to recruiters. These are often not reflective of what they exactly need. Based on limited information, recruiters endorse candidates to the Hiring Managers who eventually turn down these candidates with the feeling that they do not meet their business needs. Due to lack of information, recruiters are not able to provide suitable candidates to Hiring Managers.

Furthermore, interview scheduling with Hiring Managers can also be difficult especially as Hiring Managers are typically engaged in several meetings and key activities. Due to delays, some qualified candidates withdraw their application; hence recruiters start over again in the sourcing and recruitment process.

3. Internal Bureaucracy

The approval of candidates often takes a while, especially if Hiring or Approving Managers are always out (i.e business trips) or engaged in successive meetings. There are also multiple layers of approvals which typically lengthens the waiting process for a contract or job offer to be given to the successful candidate. In reality, the long wait affords the successful candidate a chance to look at other opportunities and gives competitors the opportunity to snatch a qualified candidate away from his/her original choice.

The life of a recruiter and his/her professional advancement depends largely on his/her ability to spot, recruit and hire the best talent, and fill up all key vacancies in a company. It requires hardwork, negotiation skills and the Filipino term called ‘diskarte.’

It’s not easy to be a recruiter these days. While there may be an abundance of talent available, there is also an abundance of companies and recruiters looking out for them.

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