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One’s first experience with food, life event or relationship will always be special and memorable. When it comes to work, onboarding is the first experience a new hire will have with his/her new company. Onboarding is defined as the “process of integrating a new employee into an organization.” Based on studies, effective onboarding reduces the time it takes for a new employee to effectively contribute to the company.

Human Resource (HR) Departments are usually bestowed with the responsibility to introduce a new hire to an already established system of people and organization.

Here are three ways on how to ensure the onboarding experience of a new hire becomes special and memorable:

1. Provide an orientation experience beyond what brochures provide

Employee orientation is typical in any organization. While it is important to provide a new hire with the history, Vision-Mission & Objectives, and background of the company, a new hire would be more interested to have prior knowledge of the company’s culture, norms and practices. A bird’s eye view on the company’s management style, employee relations and power dynamics would give a new hire an idea on how to acclimatize himself/herself right away to established company practices and standards. 

2. Organize a weekly/month “meet and greet” activity for new hires 

The onboarding process involves introducing a new hire to the company’s existing personnel. Organizing a ‘meet and greet’ event provides an opportunity for new hires to get to know their peers and workmates. It also gives departments/units within the company the venue to orient a new hire on his/her roles and responsibilities, and any possible interface which may arise based on the new hire’s scope of work.  It also serves as a chance for a new hire to raise clarificatory questions with Management or to a dedicated department/unit. 

3. Ensure that all equipment, supplies and paraphernalia are provided to the new hire on Day 1

Prior to the start date of a new hire, the HR Department must have already coordinated the new hire’s technical and logistical needs with the company’s respective IT, Procurement and Administrative departments. New hires feel a sense of importance and belongingness in a company when personal computers, cabinets and supplies are already provided in their desks on Day 1. The first experience of a new hire with a new company usually lingers in his/her mind. It typically becomes a factor whether one stays in the short-run or long-run with his/her current company. However, effective onboarding does not only impact new hires as it also benefits the company’s existing workforce and management with increased productivity and enhanced employee engagement.

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