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Many companies often find it difficult to get a suitable candidate for their vacancies, especially for unique and special positions. 

There are situations where no or minimal number of candidates are able to hurdle the paper screening process during an application, even as there is an abundance of applications obtained from different job portals and sourcing channels.

There are also instances wherein qualified candidates do not push through with their application due to various reasons associated with the job posting.

As an experienced and qualified human resource firm, ServeHappy Jobs has come up with the following proposed steps to ensure companies are able to attract the right applicants:

1. Use an attractive but identifiable job title

A position/job title is one of the most important components of a job posting. The position becomes desirous for an applicant if he/she can associate with the title, and can visualize himself/herself bearing that position title. However, it must not be misleading to a point that the position title substantially deviates from the actual requirements of the job.

2. Provide a compelling story about the company

Applicants are interested to know what the company is all about, what they do, and the kind of services they provide. However, what makes a company attractive to applicants is how they treat their employees. Self-puffing won’t cut it when it comes to attracting applicants to the company. Soon to be employees would like to be cared for. The narrative must show that the company genuinely cares for its employees through programs and benefits.

3. Sell the position through a packed job description

Job descriptions need not be lengthy. However, it has to provide applicants with all necessary requirements essential for the job. The job opening has to fit the skills and credentials of the applicant. Furthermore, the position tasks and responsibilities have to provide the applicant with an insight of the actual job. Most importantly, the applicant must be provided with information on pay, work hours and benefits.

4. Market your company’s location

There are companies that take office locations in their job postings for granted. Today, however, office location is one of the major considerations of applicants in selecting a job. Due to the strenuous traffic in metro cities, providing transport route suggestions helps applicants determine the viability of the company’s office location.

Apart from commercials, job postings are important marketing tools of any company. Applicants will gain a further appreciation of a company and its opening through a job posting. Hence, the development of a sellable, compelling and clear job posting will boost the chances of a company in attracting and hiring suitable talent(s).

ServeHappy Jobs will be more than happy to assist your company in developing a unique and attractive job posting.

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