The New ServeHappy Riders App Is Now Available!


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Need to streamline your delivery operations? Look no further! We’re launching ServeHappy Riders App to track and manage your riders!


So your riders are ready to go and fulfill deliveries, but how do you keep track of their performance? How do you know their schedules, when, and how long they complete deliveries? Is there an easier way to monitor your delivery riders? 

The answer is yes! 

We’re launching ServeHappy Riders App, a complementary mobile app for our partners to easily monitor and manage delivery riders. Our full-featured app enables you to touch base with riders and closely track assets faster and easier on a day-to-day basis. No need to worry about how you can execute your order lifecycle operations, you can manage riders all in one app!


Introducing ServeHappy Riders — The App For You And Your Riders

Bridging your business to your delivery services, ServeHappy Riders App efficiently and seamlessly boosts your daily operations to ensure successful order fulfillment. Get to know your riders every move, view their time logs, and check deliveries completed for each task or day.

ServeHappy Riders App features the following: 





Riders can quickly toggle their time logs within the app as they start their delivery task. Their logged hours will then be saved within the timesheet so you can monitor your riders’ performance and view their work hours and break hours.








Check the schedule of each rider assigned to you ahead of time. Then view your riders’ full Job Schedule Details to know the time, date, and pick-up and drop-off locations. 









Track all riders and review routes taken during and after each job. See if riders are moving, idling, or experiencing roadside emergencies.




ServeHappy Riders App is designed to be easily integrated into your existing processes. It’s handy, smart, and accessible anytime and anywhere. Streamline your rider operations to improve your business’ delivery experience. 


About ServeHappy Riders

ServeHappy Riders caters to businesses from different sectors. Whether it be retail, distribution, or food and beverage, delivery riders are necessary for providing today’s essential services. With ServeHappy Riders, we provide the right manpower that matches your needs along with the tools to fulfill orders and deliver a great customer experience. 

ServeHappy Riders App is now available to download for free on Google Play Store.

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